Want to know how to waste an evening???

Let me tell you!

I’ve spent the last 2+ hours sitting here watching the Colts vs Saints game {Matthew’s QB (Brees) is playing my QB (Manning – didn’t I get lucky in the draft?) in our yahoo fantasy football league}. I’ve been refreshing to see who’s getting more pts, etc. And while I did this we looked up a few of the sites that the commercials listed. Isn’t it funny how commercials will now plug websites? But man they suckered me in tonight!

Here were my two favorites:

Stay Thirsty – hilarious! do the strength test!

priceless pep talks – if you drive a mini van TOTALLY send that one and customize it for your husband. Hysterical! Oh man – or the bummed about a gut – too funny!

So that’s how to waste an evening…..

5 comments to Want to know how to waste an evening???

  • Jean

    Manning rules….plus his commericals are awesome. Do what the doc says…for once….lol

  • Susan Watson

    The stay thirsty site froze up my computer. Has anyone else had a problem? I enjoy your blog and your awsome art work. From another mom of 3 boys.

  • elizabeth donnelly

    I loved that thirsty commercial. It is hard arm wrestling those guys. You’re lucky to have Manning. He’s my favorite. It is funny to find another stamper playing fantasy football with their husband.

  • ROCK ON COLTS!!! Love ya Peyton!!!

  • Tex

    ooooops … Tex is lost.
    Might I suggest 1-on-1 lessons at your convenience??
    Blessing #3 is DUE … can we be “soon” with this??

    Desperate Mimi Tex

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