Ok, here’s my first digi tutorial! And it’s kind of a more ‘advanced’ thing, but I am SO SO thrilled that I learned this today! I’ll do some more basic ones later. And I am by NO means an expert. So if you are reading this and laughing at the simplicity of what I tell you – that’s ok, I am utterly thrilled that I can do this now!

Ok, first I’ll tell you how to recolor by adjusting the hue. This will allow you to use another shade in the same ‘line’. (not sure how else to describe that.)

1. open the item you want to recolor


2. go to the top tool bar: enhance ->adjust color->hue/saturation

hue – changes color
saturation – level of black
lightness – light

Use the slider to adjust the hue as necessary to change the color but retain the quality. (use saturation and lightness sparingly as these affect the quality)


3. Click OK when you get the shade you want.


And there you have a different shade! Now Kimberly taught me how to do this a few months ago when I first started. It’s great when you want another shade in the same color line. But what if you want to make it pastel or bold or something? If you use the paint bucket, you’ll loose all detail. Well, when I fiddled around today, I found just what I wanted!

1. open the item you want to change


2. go to enhance ->adjust color-> color variance


3. click the options (for mine I did several increase green, decrease blue and lightens) until you get the results you want


4. Click OK when you are finished.


Ok, that’s it! I hope that makes sense! All of my digi knowledge is for PSE 5, so if you use something different, I make no promises about how this will work in your program. I’ve known how to do the first way for awhile but the second I just discovered today and I was SO excited! Just had to share it!

**Ribbon for this tutorial is from Puddles of Silk Ribbons by Paint the Moon Designs at The Digi Shoppe**

Also, if there is something that you would like to know how to do (In PSE 5 only, please), feel free to ask.  I never know what others would like to know how to do because a lot of it is second nature once you get started.  Please do NOT ask how to digiscrap, lol!  If you have a specific question that is great.  But I can’t possibly tell you everything!